Why I Work

At the heart of my philosophy, I feel it is most important to project positivity and encourage progress. I believe in loving people. Creation and collaboration drive me toward authentic stewardship of my passions to produce quality work.

If I focus on holistic personal development, I know I will continue to grow. I seek out regular opportunities for continued learning, whether by reading books, training, or attending workshops. Lifelong learning has proven to enhance employability (Ates and Alsal, 2012).

Through positive reinforcement, I encourage the people around me to grow as well. I thrive when I see development, and I am not afraid to be bold in constructive criticism. Intentional development builds loyalty, productivity, and the workplace’s future (Lipman, 2013). With my current team, I schedule specific meeting times focused on relational and spiritual development.

Most importantly, I want to create a safe space that others can thrive in. It is crucial that we live in human connection that is rooted in love, grace, and empathy (Kerns, 2019). Through event-planning and organization, I will foster fun and education. With integrity as my focus, I will build communication, engagement, and community.

I am highly motivated and hard-working. I desire to see people reach their full potential, helping people with passion projects. I value authenticity, empowerment, and vision. Most of all, I take people and make them family.

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