Where is the Media Free?

When examining both Chinese and American free speech laws, numerous complexities arise. The Chinese government tries to use the “privilege” of free expression to seem less totalitarian. Still, they practice complete control and censorship over what common citizens might think or say. All content is monitored and censored by the government their speech laws areContinue reading “Where is the Media Free?”

A More Direct Comparison

We discussed some history, looking at how the governments have shaped modern practices in both countries. We looked at modern conditions. Let’s take a moment to revisit some key differences between American and Chinese free speech practices. Freedom of Opinions As mentioned before, the Chinese are only allowed access to sites that are regularly monitoredContinue reading “A More Direct Comparison”

China: Missing Information?

In an article for The New York Times, Beijing writer Hung Huang explains that their media censorship has in some respects loosened up. Specifically, she claims that her magazine has not been censored for the past four years, even though they have published some fairly sexual photoshoots. Because of this, she argues that Chinese citizensContinue reading “China: Missing Information?”

American Freedom and Misinformation

How Much is too Much? Clearly, the constitutional right of free speech reigns supreme in America. But how much freedom is too much? Some argue the autonomy of the American media has led to issues being blown out of proportion. Further, they propose that many American citizens are misinformed. In an article for The WashingtonContinue reading “American Freedom and Misinformation”

The Espionage Act vs. Free Speech

The Pentagon Papers Even though there is risk involved when releasing classified information, the First Amendment typically trumps the Espionage Act. The Pentagon Papers case set the precedent. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara commissioned the papers, and they were officially titled “Report of the Office of the Secretary of DefenseContinue reading “The Espionage Act vs. Free Speech”