Legal Action

In China Chinese government uses legal punishment to silence dissenders. David Volodzko, national editor for The Korea JoongAng Daily, reported that “in 2005, China had 32 journalists arrested,” and “ten years later, that figure was up 65 percent” (“Is Free Speech in China Really Getting Better?” par. 5). Looking at these statistics, it is clear to see whyContinue reading “Legal Action”

Violence in the Media

In China When riots broke out in Hong Kong, people on mainland China had no idea. The Chinese government censored their news to ensure their citizens would remain uninformed. According to USA TODAY journalist Calum MacLeod, the 2014 Umbrella Revolution saw Hong Kong citizens shielding themselves from tear gas and pepper spray behind umbrellas asContinue reading “Violence in the Media”

Laying the Framework: How Does Free Speech Look?

In China In China, freedom of expression is viewed as a privilege, not a right. The Congressional-Executive Commission on China explains that this privilege is only extended to elite members of Chinese society. The “free-speech elite” is made up of citizens who hold prominent financial, political, and academic careers (“Freedom of Expression in China” par.Continue reading “Laying the Framework: How Does Free Speech Look?”

Freedom of Speech

The Series Freedom of speech and of the press has long been considered part of America’s Constitutional, inalienable rights. These rights are not incorporated in every culture. I wanted to develop a series exploring the differences between the expression and history of free speech laws in our American culture, especially compared to a country withContinue reading “Freedom of Speech”

Politwits: The Influence of Twitter on America’s Sociopolitical Landscape

View the Prezi. The tweet heard around the world A young blonde woman sits in a New York airport, waiting to board her flight to Cape Town. While mindlessly scrolling through her phone with all the other anxious travelers, this PR consultant decides to send out an amusing Tweet for her 170 followers. “Going toContinue reading “Politwits: The Influence of Twitter on America’s Sociopolitical Landscape”