Cornerstone Web & Communications

Sometimes, my role at Cornerstone extends into digital marketing, communications, and general design. Though youth ministry is my primary role, I see these responsibilities as vital to the life and ministry of our church. Here are some of my major projects.

Web Development

I have been managing Cornerstone’s website, keeping it up-to-date with announcements, online services, event sign-ups, and more. Occasionally, I have also helped with weekly email newsletters and social media marketing for Cornerstone. Through videos, writing, and graphic design, I have sought to keep the congregation connected to the fellowship of Cornerstone through our online platforms while also portraying the personality of the church and our ministries to online visitors.

Visit our website and our social platforms.

App Development

The Cornerstone App is another means of engaging our community. This past spring, I redesigned our app to maximize functionality so that it could be a meaningful tool for the members of our congregation. We promoted the app in our weekly e-newsletters. If you want to take a look, you can download the app here.

Prayer Information

To keep the church’s prayer ministry accessible and engaging, I designed a newsletter that was updated and sent out every couple of days. Here is what that looked like:

Family Ministry

We have been working harder to build an intentional, intergenerational fellowship. As the youth ministry director, I have partnered with our children’s and worship ministries to host events that engage the whole congregation and surrounding community. To promote these events, I have often put together materials for digital marketing campaigns and social media engagement.

Cornerstone Family Challenge

The Cornerstone Family Challenge was our Facebook campaign that sought to encourage families to engage in some fun at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are some of the materials I designed for that.

Advent Path

For Advent, we put together a self-guided, socially-distanced path with stations around the church building. Each station provided a worshipful experience meant to help prepare our hearts for the season of Advent. I designed these printed materials to guide our participants through the experience.

Cornerstone Youth Communication

This project is a collection of the materials I write, design, and send out to parents of the students in our church’s youth ministry. Here, I selected my favorite newsletters and event promotion materials. These products should give you an idea of my experience with communications management and event planning. I also feel they help represent my creativity, attention to detail, personal values, and vision.

Parents rarely respond to these newsletters, which at times feels discouraging. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone even reads them. But that has challenged me to develop my own philosophy behind communicating. I want to keep parents in the loop and offer them (and myself) an archive of what we do in our ministry.

Social Media

We use social media to keep our community connected online and promote our ministry. To do this effectively, we keep our brand and messaging consistent across all platforms. We also use YouTube for lesson videos to keep our students engaged at home. Click the icons to view our profiles or watch our first lesson video here.


Scroll through to see examples of monthly newsletters from 2020. In these newsletters, I update parents on current events and ministry news.


I created these images for printed posters and email headings to promote various youth events.

Ministry Handbook

Through developing this handbook, I combined all my communication and organization skills. I learned how to communicate my philosophy and vision in a way that structures my outreach and ministry. Watching the course on Google Apps for Educators taught me where to plug certain apps in order to maximize my own effectiveness.

The primary audience of this handbook would be parents, volunteers, potential employers, or anyone else interested in my ministry approach. That said, most of the book is targeted toward parents.

This ministry handbook will serve as a starting point for all future ministry goals, consolidating my vision into one accessible resource. Putting my ideas in one place will allow me to execute them more efficiently, freeing up my time so I can focus on pouring into my students and volunteers. Most importantly, creating this plan taught me how to develop my own personal ministry blueprint that I can continue to use and show future employers.

Marriage After Divorce

This transmedia storytelling project exists on its own website, where the narrative is supported by photos, a video interview, and a documentary-style podcast. This project pushed my story-telling skills like never before. I became a better interviewer, and I sharpened my design and layout abilities. I also strengthened my podcast and video writing and editing capabilities.

All the projects in my portfolio were passion projects, but this one is the closest to my heart. It’s the story of how my husband experienced his parents’ divorce. Interviewing my husband and writing his story made it hard to stay objective. It taught me the importance of asking good questions in an interview, though. I learned a lot more about my husband through this project. 

Experience Marriage After Divorce here.

View the process.

Beat Work

Celebrity Marketing

After writing Politwits and completing my social media marketing internship, I started looking more into Instagram’s influence. I chose to write about celebrity marketing as my online storytelling beat for a whole semester, exploring the issue through different kinds of stories: a listicle, an opinion piece, an interview, and a video. The research for this project prepared me for the feature piece I eventually wrote, Instabrand.

For my beat work, I wrote four smaller pieces on social media marketing, celebrity influence, and Instagram. This project sharpened my writing versatility, interview skills, creativity, and video editing. Links direct to the articles on Medium.

5 Times Celebrities Made for Brilliant Brand Advertising

Absolute Power Corrupts Celebrities in Marketing

Q&A with a Social Media Influencer on Marketing and Audience Engagement

VIDEO: Celebrities, Influence, and Marketing

Freedom of Speech

The next semester, I focused on the freedom of speech, defining it theoretically and exploring its practicality. I wrote nine pieces, looking at legal history, current events, and competing political structures. Each piece built on the last in an exploration of what freedom of speech truly means in the United States of America. Links direct to the pieces published on this site.

Freedom of Speech

Laying the Framework: How Does Free Speech Look?

Violence in the Media

Legal Action

The Espionage Act vs. Free Speech

American Freedom and Misinformation

China: Missing Information?

A More Direct Comparison

Where is the Media Free?


This project was one of my first forays into social media-related research. Politwits is an in-depth essay on how American politics are affected by Twitter, and it includes a Prezi reinforcing the essay’s main points. After this assignment, I had a much deeper respect for social media. I also learned how to adapt longform journalism to interactive media.

I love the interactivity of the Prezi component of this piece. Again, this was one of the first pieces I did that started exploring the effects of social media. I would go on to do several more.

Read Politwits.

Magazine Spread

For this assignment, I wrote three different stories related to ideas surrounding free speech, then included pictures, and designed a two-page magazine spread. I also created a relevant advertisement to include in the magazine spread mock-up. By the end of this project, I felt confident in my attention to detail.

The trickiest part of this assignment was designing the layout. I wanted to design a spread that would reflect the subject matter of the articles. I had a lot of creative freedom here. It was my first chance to experiment with formatting and design.

View the project here.

Bike Shop Campaign

For this project, I created a newspaper ad, radio script, two television commercial storyboards, and an advertising plan. This project was an assignment for a course on advertising, and it pushed me to exercise creativity as I learned the importance of organization and design.

I remember getting emails about CSU banning an event known as the “Undie Run.” It was never something I participated in or even knew about until those emails. I got them when I was working on the ad plan portion of this project, and I thought it would be interesting to play with the idea of twisting that event and incorporating that into my plan.

View the media I created here.


Instabrand is a news feature on celebrity and influencer marketing. This projected includes in-depth interviews and original images.

Most of my photos were taken in a Walmart. I chose to write on influencer marketing because I was noticing a lot more of it at the time, but I had no idea exactly how prevalent it was until I went into that Walmart. My hope was to find maybe one example. I came out with three.

Radio News Reel

In one of my first media classes, I took part in a group project where we produced a radio news reel from scratch. We found our own campus-related stories, wrote them according to rules for audio media, and created a news reel intended for the radio. This is the most collaborative project in my portfolio. We each wrote and recorded our own pieces. Then, I edited the clips and compiled them into one cohesive news reel.

Through this project, I became familiar with basic rules for writing, editing, and producing stories for the radio. This was also one of my first experiences working collaboratively.

Listen to the news reel.