Beat Work

After Politwits and my social media internship, I started looking more into Instagram’s influence and social media marketing. I chose to write about celebrity marketing as my online storytelling beat for a whole semester, exploring the issue through different kinds of stories. The research for this project prepared me for the feature piece I eventuallyContinue reading “Beat Work”


This project was one of my first forays into social media-related research. Politwits is an in-depth essay on how American politics are affected by Twitter, and it includes a Prezi reinforcing the essay’s main points. After this assignment, I had a much deeper respect for social media. I also learned how to adapt longform journalismContinue reading “Politwits”


Instabrand is a news feature on celebrity and influencer marketing. This projected includes in-depth interviews and original images. Most of my photos were taken in a Walmart. I chose to write on influencer marketing because I was noticing a lot more of it at the time, but I had no idea exactly how prevalent itContinue reading “Instabrand”