Beat Work

Celebrity Marketing

After writing Politwits and completing my social media marketing internship, I started looking more into Instagram’s influence. I chose to write about celebrity marketing as my online storytelling beat for a whole semester, exploring the issue through different kinds of stories: a listicle, an opinion piece, an interview, and a video. The research for this project prepared me for the feature piece I eventually wrote, Instabrand.

For my beat work, I wrote four smaller pieces on social media marketing, celebrity influence, and Instagram. This project sharpened my writing versatility, interview skills, creativity, and video editing. Links direct to the articles on Medium.

5 Times Celebrities Made for Brilliant Brand Advertising

Absolute Power Corrupts Celebrities in Marketing

Q&A with a Social Media Influencer on Marketing and Audience Engagement

VIDEO: Celebrities, Influence, and Marketing

Freedom of Speech

The next semester, I focused on the freedom of speech, defining it theoretically and exploring its practicality. I wrote nine pieces, looking at legal history, current events, and competing political structures. Each piece built on the last in an exploration of what freedom of speech truly means in the United States of America. Links direct to the pieces published on this site.

Freedom of Speech

Laying the Framework: How Does Free Speech Look?

Violence in the Media

Legal Action

The Espionage Act vs. Free Speech

American Freedom and Misinformation

China: Missing Information?

A More Direct Comparison

Where is the Media Free?

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