Cornerstone Youth Communication

This project is a collection of the materials I write, design, and send out to parents of the students in our church’s youth ministry. Here, I selected my favorite newsletters and event promotion materials. These products should give you an idea of my experience with communications management and event planning. I also feel they help represent my creativity, attention to detail, personal values, and vision.

Parents rarely respond to these newsletters, which at times feels discouraging. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone even reads them. But that has challenged me to develop my own philosophy behind communicating. I want to keep parents in the loop and offer them (and myself) an archive of what we do in our ministry.

Social Media

We use social media to keep our community connected online and promote our ministry. To do this effectively, we keep our brand and messaging consistent across all platforms. We also use YouTube for lesson videos to keep our students engaged at home. Click the icons to view our profiles or watch our first lesson video here.


Scroll through to see examples of monthly newsletters from 2020. In these newsletters, I update parents on current events and ministry news.


I created these images for printed posters and email headings to promote various youth events.

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