Cornerstone Web & Communications

Sometimes, my role at Cornerstone extends into digital marketing, communications, and general design. Though youth ministry is my primary role, I see these responsibilities as vital to the life and ministry of our church. Here are some of my major projects.

Web Development

I have been managing Cornerstone’s website, keeping it up-to-date with announcements, online services, event sign-ups, and more. Occasionally, I have also helped with weekly email newsletters and social media marketing for Cornerstone. Through videos, writing, and graphic design, I have sought to keep the congregation connected to the fellowship of Cornerstone through our online platforms while also portraying the personality of the church and our ministries to online visitors.

Visit our website and our social platforms.

App Development

The Cornerstone App is another means of engaging our community. This past spring, I redesigned our app to maximize functionality so that it could be a meaningful tool for the members of our congregation. We promoted the app in our weekly e-newsletters. If you want to take a look, you can download the app here.

Prayer Information

To keep the church’s prayer ministry accessible and engaging, I designed a newsletter that was updated and sent out every couple of days. Here is what that looked like:

Family Ministry

We have been working harder to build an intentional, intergenerational fellowship. As the youth ministry director, I have partnered with our children’s and worship ministries to host events that engage the whole congregation and surrounding community. To promote these events, I have often put together materials for digital marketing campaigns and social media engagement.

Cornerstone Family Challenge

The Cornerstone Family Challenge was our Facebook campaign that sought to encourage families to engage in some fun at home during the COVID-19 lockdown. Here are some of the materials I designed for that.

Advent Path

For Advent, we put together a self-guided, socially-distanced path with stations around the church building. Each station provided a worshipful experience meant to help prepare our hearts for the season of Advent. I designed these printed materials to guide our participants through the experience.

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