better & best

i don’t know what i did

to deserve you, but

if i could i would go back in time

to do it all over again.


i wish i met you sooner

so i could love you longer,

but we were different people then.

maybe we never would have been.


i feel like i’ll never do enough

to love you like you deserve, but

i’ll work every day from here on out

to do everything i can.


if i had met you sooner,

we’d have more days together;

but i was not looking for you then,

maybe we never would have been.


i know that you have changed me

to a whole new better person, and

i hope that you can see how

to do what you love too.


if you had found me sooner,

i like to think we’d be better;

but there’s no way to tell,

maybe better is the wrong word.


i am yours and you are mine, promised

to each other for the rest of our time.

i know i am at my best when i have you

to hold me and keep me and put me to rest.