the wanted

i feel like we’re chasing the sun
running out of time
we won’t always be young

we’re searching for just a bit of warmth
don’t want to be left out in the cold
it’s worth its weight in gold

the weight of you is nothing new
i’ve never seen a sky so blue
off the beaten path, it’s their main drag

this old train car can’t go far
sticks and stones will never touch
those abandoned bones

where have all the people gone
a valley frozen, hidden from time
keep going until we find a way out

you don’t want to turn back now
you feel we’ve come so far
so i won’t let you turn around
i’ll follow you through the dark

keep me safe from invisible danger
go on, drive higher
we can’t be lost together

the sun goes down
we’ll try tomorrow
safe and sound
on time we’ll borrow