What is it

To be loved,

To be adored,

To be taken care of?


Why do I have to beg

For your attention

Or your friendship

Or your affection?


How is it

On the other side

Of every phone call

Where I provide?


I’m tired of asking

And asking

And asking

For nothing.


I don’t ask much,

But still I feel like

I’m the burden

You want to fight.


You take my insecurity

And watch it grow,

Until they take hold

And never let go.


And I scream into the void:

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Do you want me?


And I scream until

my voice gives out;

And now it’s just a whisper

Into a dark heart:


Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Do you want me?

Or was I just your accident?


Was I just the easy way

Until you got bored?

I became too much

And now I’m a chore.


I’m not even sure

If I have any tears left,

Or if you’d be worthy

Of any tears I’d have.


Am I loved?

Am I loved?

Was I wanted,

Or was I just there?


Am I so desperate

That I would die

For anyone who might

Tell me a sweet lie?


better & best

i don’t know what i did

to deserve you, but

if i could i would go back in time

to do it all over again.


i wish i met you sooner

so i could love you longer,

but we were different people then.

maybe we never would have been.


i feel like i’ll never do enough

to love you like you deserve, but

i’ll work every day from here on out

to do everything i can.


if i had met you sooner,

we’d have more days together;

but i was not looking for you then,

maybe we never would have been.


i know that you have changed me

to a whole new better person, and

i hope that you can see how

to do what you love too.


if you had found me sooner,

i like to think we’d be better;

but there’s no way to tell,

maybe better is the wrong word.


i am yours and you are mine, promised

to each other for the rest of our time.

i know i am at my best when i have you

to hold me and keep me and put me to rest.

the wanted

i feel like we’re chasing the sun
running out of time
we won’t always be young

we’re searching for just a bit of warmth
don’t want to be left out in the cold
it’s worth its weight in gold

the weight of you is nothing new
i’ve never seen a sky so blue
off the beaten path, it’s their main drag

this old train car can’t go far
sticks and stones will never touch
those abandoned bones

where have all the people gone
a valley frozen, hidden from time
keep going until we find a way out

you don’t want to turn back now
you feel we’ve come so far
so i won’t let you turn around
i’ll follow you through the dark

keep me safe from invisible danger
go on, drive higher
we can’t be lost together

the sun goes down
we’ll try tomorrow
safe and sound
on time we’ll borrow